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MartianKnight Design Ministry is an autobiography of Marvin Marquez Locquiao, a designer that was self-taught in the field of Graphic Design and Computer Sciences. Through his life experiences he has met modern day heroes in the tech industry like, Michael Dell, Steve Wozniak and T.K. Mattingly. He has had many achievements in life that he would like to share with his future self, if in case he becomes stricken with alzheimer's or becomes forgetful of what his life was truly about. For these reasons he is writing an autobiography.

Marvin grew up as a dancer, singer, and chess player; in love with the arts, sciences, and the world of communication; has brought them together as building blocks of his persona. With these as his foundations has become an expert in multimedia, and creative expression.

The logo he created for himself took him 5minutes. The logo design is based on his hero, Jesus Christ, and his teachings of The Holy Scriptures and our Holy Father; it has over 10 meanings that tie to Holy Scripture . Marvin received the name MartianKnight when he was 13 years old as a dancer. His short hand creative signature is MK+7; All these elements reside in the logo.

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Now I have learned so much since I started my sabbatical. It freed me from the countless hours to have the project just right, to being able to reflect on countless experiences. Building a brand takes a lot of passion to see it through. To exceed expectations. Understanding how the marketecture is constructed through a designer’s eye. It's not just the mastery of many tool sets, but the ideas and concepts on how they work together, including how every piece of equipment runs, operates, and is set up. I been building within brands like Dell, Extreme Networks, PLUMgrid, Force10 Networks, BigBand Networks, Platform Solutions, Vernier Networks, Skystream Networks, Vipersat Networks, DeAnza College, ArcSoft. It's nothing like going to school for sure. You really have to know your stuff, and how it is returning. It's really not worth the trade.

The reason I stopped going to school is that they taught too slowly. With that much time between projects, I was doomed to forget about using it in real life; technology would have already been long gone. I put practice into profession every project just kept becoming larger and more complex. But if you’re company is balling on a budget, I was called on, on building everything that was needed for a company that was and is looking for a cohesive brand look and feel. Inspiring others in the brand strength, and how it is represented as a whole. I have seen and been part of a lot of cool product launches, and owned the timing in how and why pieces are being produced. Imagine your brand being transformed, like it happened overnight when no one was watching. My projects were so rigorous I'd only have a few hours, if that to rest and enjoy life. This was my slavery and service that I have been a part of. These are the things that happens with one who will encapsulate a brand and have it built with his spirit. Truly a remarkable experience in so many places. I often hear that I have the ability to enable change, and enhance a company’s identity. Making it aware in the living creative support of his surroundings to impress the brand identity from an inside out prospective.

What intrigues me is following the leads as they go through the sales cycle, to see how it was traveled to move through the buy cycle. Truly, if you understand a man’s reason of buying shoes, you can grasp a concept that allows for reason to constantly test what works well to bring a person into a buy cycle. This is what is missing in most marketeers. They know the pieces off of recipes. But who can you really get excited about tracking a lead in and through the sales cycle.. I'll tell you.. Me.. Your friendly neighborhood web slinger. That's right, I'm also experienced in corporate photography and video. Creating and designing with in a company allows your projects to change frequently, and so do your tool sets. All projects are not weighted equally. Parts like the website take time to build to flow with the brand's identity and intention. Yes, a brand must have an intention to survive many different designers, marketeers, and sales people. The Brand is a cohesive entity that needs to have continuous growth. This is where style guides and training courses for anyone who presents the brand to a client or potential client. Imagine cohesive branding throughout your sales presentations and collaterals to how it is presented through live body to body interaction on a trade show floor; it's really not as different as being a men's shoes sales person. The audience is the same, plus you can complement them on their choices. Don't get me wrong, also similar to as knowing a woman's choices. Again a company’s brand is its intention.

The science is not in the machine, it's in building it. Then testing it, then building it again. It's what strengthens ones foundation on trust on one who is building a brand. MK+7

Why I talk about shoes.. I enjoy them. How they fit, feel, and look. But not only for those reason, but how they are also presented. The technology is so different from shoe to shoe. Dress shoe or athletic shoe, how to cross sell. When to enrich the buy cycle. Yes, it is what it took. Plus you gave your customer everything that they possibly needed. Some of those relationships grew and I had personal return customers. They were finding reasons not to buy so much stuff. I loved it. I used the acronym NEADS.. What does the customer Need... First letter "N".. Listen to the customer for their needs. "E," what do they enjoy about their previous product. A - Altar.. What would they like to alter... D determine what you have that fulfills what they are looking for. S - Sell, what else do they need.. Socks.. Polish.. A brush.. Ahh.. Great world renowned customer service - that's the way I remember Nordstrom. I worked on the #1 Men's Shoes Floor in the region and nation. This was awesome news to me, and one of my favorite experiences.

That is why I became a natural fit when it became networking equipment. 3 second rule to welcome. Ask them if you can help them look for, and show them around and introduce them and build interest. And make quality introductions to sales persons or product marketing to tech them into the product solutions..

I even brought a camcorder with me to produce cool stuff for Force10, Dell, and Extreme. I was a one-man team of know-how, but it also meant that I was knowledgeable about the products. I'd man a booth all by myself at times.. It was cool.. I eventually floor managed 40x40 booths at Interop, Super Computing, while doing the social media promoting, learning videos, and testimonial videos. Of course there was a lot of learning, but what better then to actually think about the execution like you only have one chance to get it right. It was fun building consistency throughout the marketing and sales processes. Difficult on the body, but nothing a case of Redbull wouldn't solve :). Really don't do that again.. Make the time to do things because it is worth doing it right. Don’t overload yourself. Take time for family and reflection, building and keeping relationships, and keeping encouraged to keep encouraging others.